"I cannot recommend this workshop/seminar/get together of ladies that are experiencing the same shitty effects of the menopause as me enough!, Thanks so much Karen, Kate and Mel for your time and expertise yesterday a very informative, enlightening, non judgmental and reassuring afternoon. Thank you for acknowledging,validating and not dismissing our anxieties and fears (unlike some of our medical practices!) A great bunch of ladies that were all brave enough to talk about their differing menopausal journeys and transitions so candidly. Yesterday’s workshop was a great advocate that none of us Menopausal ladies need to go through this alone…our symptoms are real and that there are many many ways in which we can all eventually feel somewhat normal again both medically and naturally……who knew that Chocolate could be so good for you So ladies if your wondering (like I was) is this really worth attending…it’s 100% YES!! Be brave and go along. Trust me you will come away feeling sooo much better about yourself…..my light at the end of the tunnel is now glowing brighter than it certainly was before Thank you, thank you, thank you xx"

Sam Robinson

"Went to the afternoon at Barnham Broom yesterday and would like to tell everyone who has been thinking of going but not yet dared to venture how brilliant it was. I did not know quite what to expect but I came away with so much more knowledge than I had. I went on my own and felt totally at ease from arrival to finish. I would urge anyone who hadn't been and wants to know more about Menopause for whatever reason and whatever age to pay a visit. Karen and the ladies were amazing! Thank you all."

Jo Pearcey

"I really enjoyed the workshop at Knights Hill Sunday afternoon. Very informative, the ladies were lovely, welcoming, funny and helpful. It was great to meet lots of other women going through the same issues, the afternoon tea was delicious as were the welcome treats of non alcoholic wine and dark chocolate! I will definitely recommend it to friends!"

Sarah White