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Educate, inspire and heal at our fabulous Menopause Health and Wellness Events

All women will go through menopause at some point.  Understanding what is happening to our bodies, and why, is key in order to manage the transition from peri to post menopause smoothly and effectively.

At Menopause Wellness East Anglia we offer an educational and inspiring wellness event programme which will provide you with all the information you need in order to learn to manage, embrace and cope with your menopausal symptoms, together with the hormonal changes your body is going through.

Our programme is supported, trusted and respected by experts in their respective fields and concentrates on a holistic approach to managing your symptoms. 

With our team of experts to hand, namely mid-life Yoga Instructors, Nurses who specialise in menopause and women's health, expert mid-life Nutritionists and experienced Psychotherapists, our events cover everything from general health and wellness, the pro's and con's of specific treatments including HRT, difficulties with your GP, the changes in our bodies, suitable exercise, movement, diet, nutrition, weight issues, psychological issues and just about anything else you feel is relevant and would like to discuss (don't worry nothing shocks us and if it's relevant to you, it's relevant to us).

So, depending on which event you choose we have just about covered everything, allowing you to make informed decisions with confidence moving forward and continue to live life to the full.



Our events concentrate on a holistic approach to managing menopause. Offering a comprehensive educational program for women experiencing peri or post menopausal symptoms, hot flushes, mood swings, sleeplessness, panic attacks, anxiety, memory loss, brain fog, weight gain and loss of libido are just some of the symptoms eased and often eliminated from the program.

Our four dedicated support workshops are listed below:-



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Movement and Mindfulness

1 Hour Session

Qualified Yoga Instructors will gently guide and teach you how to practice yoga and mindfulness, a proven technique used to alleviate anxiety and depression, improve mobility, improve sleep, reduce stress, improve digestion and promote heart health.

Yoga offers many benefits for the mind and body.  Some people compare yoga to natural medicine because of the associated healing properties and the benefit it brings to mental and physical health.

This session is perfect for those looking to boost their physical and mental well-being, center themselves and reconnect.  By integrating gentle exercise with methods of self-reflection and approaches to consciousness cleansing, this is a profound experience for guests.


Mature Female Nurse

Balanced Medical Advice

Information & Treatment Options

2 Hour Session

Our Nurses specialise in women's health and menopause and not only will they guide you through the physical changes your body is going through, but will also talk through treatment options that may be available to you via your GP surgery.

Giving balanced information on treatments available including HRT, together with the many alternative treatments out there, our Nurses will sort the fact from the fiction and dispel any myths that may be associated.

This session is perfect for those ladies seeking a better understanding of what is happening to their bodies, how to deal with the changes and challenges and the treatments available in order to make informed decisions moving forward.


Bag of Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Food, Diet and Weight Management

2 Hour Session

Our Qualified Nutritional Therapists discuss how nutrition, diet and weight management is extremely important and how this can help tremendously when it comes to mid-life.

We need to ensure we feed our body what it needs during this challenging time.  Our Nutritionists will not only teach you how to use food as first line medicine, but also the benefits of certain foods during menopause and how the impact of simple positive changes in your diet can control and even eliminate your symptoms.

This session is perfect for those wanting to improve their eating habits, and adopt a healthier, menopause friendly diet, but not sure where to start. 


Bouquet of Daisies

Mental Well-Being

2 Hour Session

This is an uplifting session, teaching techniques on how to improve your mental well-being together with tips to help brain fog, sleep disorders, mood swings, anxiety and loss of libido and much more.

Menopausal symptoms can cause much emotional pain and anxiety, and sadly the majority of women feel they are not getting the emotional support needed from their family or doctor.

Our qualified and highly experienced Psychotherapists help each individual in the group take charge of their menopause, assess their situation and develop confidence in order to seek the emotional support they need.

Some serious topics are covered in this session, but in a totally safe environment, you will come away feeling empowered and inspired, with far more confidence and a positive attitude.  This profound experience will leave you ready to take on the world and looking forward to what this stage in your life has to offer.


SINGLE WORKSHOP  to include 1 specific support session with lunch or afternoon tea starting at £40 per person.

FULL DAY EVENT including all 4 support sessions including lunch, drinks & snacks starting at £129 per person.

PLEASE NOTE prices may vary slightly depending on the hosting venue.


Upcoming Events

  • 13 AUG 22 - MENOPAUSE MEDICAL WORKSHOP -Ufford Park Hotel & Spa, Woodbridge, Suffolk - Afternoon Tea & Talk - £46.95pp
    13 Aug, 13:00 – 16:30
    Melton, Ufford Park, Yarmouth Rd, Melton, Woodbridge IP12 1QW, UK
    Our Afternoon Tea & Talk will provide the information YOU NEED to learn to manage, embrace & cope with menopausal symptoms & the hormonal changes your body is going through. A fantastic programme delivered by our expert Nurse specialising in Women's Health & Menopause that you will not want to miss.
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